Friday, January 22, 2010

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

Today I saw Parque Guell. What the fuck. Guidi’s style is so original and imaginative. If I were to describe this park, it would be something like Tim Burton - creepiness + beautiful mosaics + a view of all of Barcelona and the Mediterranean = Parque Guell. I kind of felt like Zach Braff in Garden State; I’m talking about the part when he stands on the edge of the quarry and cathartically screams. I didn’t end up screaming like Zach Braff, or get to make out with Natalie Portman, but I felt almost as if I had been purified or something, after seeing Barcelona from up there.
This morning I went to the Museum of the History of Catalonia with a friend of mine from Pitt who is on my program, Charlie, with a few of his friends. One of his friends gave me crash course lesson on the Spanish Revolution, which was very helpful. The museum, to be completely honest, was not that interesting, but it is located right next to the beach, so after leaving I walked around a bit before meeting other friends to go to the park.
Last night I got to hang out with my good friend Andrea, who is from Catalonia. She came over for drinks and then we went to Opium Mar, one of the big clubs here. It was great to see her, and she gave Andrew and I a lot of useful information on how to make the best of our experience here, places to go, food to eat, ect.
School has been fun, but I just wish I wasn’t in class every fucking week day, minus Friday, from 11 to 6 o’clock. I could be using that time more wisely, i.e. walking around and exploring, but class is important. Plus, the classes have given me a lot of useful information about the culture and history of Catalonia.
This place is very inspiring.
A few quick thoughts:
1. Waiters and waitresses are known to be rude here. I had my first experience today of a reluctant waitress. See, in the States that doesn’t happen because the servers are working for their tip.
2. The metro is unbelievably convenient and clean. It makes the city so accessible.
3. Crepes dipped in chocolate. Need is say more?
4. Looking forward to seeing Andrea again, and going to her favorite places.
5. I’ve been cooking a lot. It’s a nice change.


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