Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Bale Life

this place is very romantic... very hip. my favorite part about it is the time schedule. in Spain the nightlife starts at around midnight. that's when people eat. then they go to a bar, and then go to a club. the clubs open at two here. crazy right? We stay out until around 5 o'clock. it really is the best way to party because your batteries charge between school or work (school in my case, and sight seeing) and the evening. Yesterday I went to La Segrada Familia. Google it. Its a crazy looking church. It was done by the same guy who did Parque Guell. Google it. I was there two days ago and had a holy moment overlooking the city from the top of a mountain.

Everyone says that going abroad will change your life and this and that and best experience ever and blah fucking blah. But, all that shit that I had to hear over and over again since college started is so true. I can't think of anything truer. Most people, when they talk about an experience that made them 'stronger' it is something like a death in the family, or an accident, or something bad. I normally attribute my strength as a person to the hardships I've endured, but this is one experience that is making me strong and is 100% positive!
I'm laying in bed, its 3. I just woke up. Last night we went to the bar downstairs for a drink, then to chipitos, an awesome shot bar. it was too fucking crowded. then we went to tiffany's. Klee hooked it up again. Two nights ago, my roommate Kevin and I went down the street and played some pool and relaxed because Thursday night was alittle over the top. I finished The Sun Also Rises. It was a great book to accompany my first two weeks here. Two weeks! Wow. Has it been that long already?

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