Friday, January 15, 2010

A Day in the Life (of an American 20 year old in Barcelona)

I think the last time I stayed up that late was my senior year lock-up after prom.
Things have been amazing. Two nights ago we went to the Black Sheep, a really cool bar that is hidden in an alley off of Las Ramblas (the most popular street in Barcelona). I woke up the next day, and decided to go explore the city. I walked as far as my feet could take me. When I tried to stop and turn around, my feet kept moving forward. I got lost. I think I actually was planning on getting lost....
Last night was my first European Club experience. We all went to Opium. Kleeman got us in VIP and my roomates and neighbors were there at the club till 4:30 in the morning. It was wild. I got to see alot of people from HS and college that I knew were going to be in Barcelona. For better or for worse, it was mostly Americans, but it was still great. We took the train back to the apartment at 5 in the morning (when the trains start in the mornings). The club was seriously high-scale (expensive). The DJ was really talented so I mostly danced all night with new friends from my apartment.
Got to sleep at 6, woke up at 9 for a bike tour. The funny thing was I wasnt tierd at all. The excitement of the trip over-powers the fatigue. Finally got a guided tour of the city and saw some of the historic sites. Got to see the beach for the first time. It is surreal. Looking forward to the nice weather.
After the bike tour I got together with my friend from school, Dorothy, and enjoyed the city with her. We went to a big food market and got treats (I got asparugus and she got a potatoe dish that is a local thing. Then we went to a park and tried to act like we were from Spain.
That is one of my goals for this trip, eventually I don't want to feel like a tourist.
From the park, I took the metro by myself for the first time. So much better than walking, and it was so easy.
Tonight we are most likely going to have another club night. My legs need a rest so I think I'll do less dancing tonight. All the walking, dancing, plus the bike tour! I can't believe I'm going to out till 5 again tonight. I'm still adjusting to the Barcelona schedual.
My roomates are legit, my neighbors are legit. I couldn't be more content. Just walking down the street makes me smile, knowing that I'm so lucky to be here and experience all of this.
I do miss school a bit, but don't really have that much time to even think about it with all the running around I'm doing.
I'm off to make dinner and rest and get ready for tonight. Pictures will be up soon.
Thanks for keeping up with my travels, I'm enjoying writing it all down so thanks for being a part of that.
Miss you guys.


  1. Oh my Ethan! I miss you so much and wish I could skype you already. What is going on with the Internet?

    Great entry, although please remember you are there not only to act not like a tourist, but as a student, TO STUDY (sorry had to say this "mom" thing). More importantly is your love of learning so try and get the most from your classes.

    OMG, laughing as you wrote that Kleeman got you VIP to the club! Why am I not surprised? Give him a hug for me.

    Asparagus at the market, what no brussel sprouts? So you are making dinner and what may it be I ask?

    Remember to rest and you just may not be able to keep up with the Spainairds as much as you think you can!

    Love u, MWAH......((((hugs))))

  2. Eth that sounds amazing, i'm so envious.

    An update: Jammed with Alex, J, and cam yesterday on somewhere over the rainbow for an hour; amazing. Gigs definately in the future, we're starting to scout bars. I'll keep you posted as it is the only cool thing going on in my life haha. Have fun kid and be safe.


  3. kleeman WOULD get VIP tix.

    love you guys!